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Salima, Malawi

Shaded by towering acacia trees, this welcoming little resort hotel lies in a splendid situation on the quiet shores of the vast Lake Malawi. The semng makes a very pleasant retreat for relaxation after a safari, and is one where you could be forgiven for believing that you were actually on an Indian Ocean beach! Here the sparkling waters offer sailing and excellent snorkeling, wind-surfing, canoeing and water skiing, or, you can enjoy the hotel swimming pool and tennis The huge cormorant colony on nearby Namaenje Island can be visited, you can explore the lake shore on foot or by bicycle, drive or walk to the inland hippo pools, buy traditional carvings at the Mua Mission, or at the tropical fish farm close by, admire the magnificent freshwater fish that abound in the lake There are 19 main building rooms and suites, with private bath and shower, eight thatch -roof cottages with private patio Friendly bar and restaurant The Livingstonia Beach is not a luxury hotel - it prides itself on offering a relaxed and informal mood, a recipe for peace and tranquillity, punctuated by the calming sound of lapping water and the occasional cry of a fish eagle!
Though it is not possible to improve on Nature's masterpiece, THE LIVINGSTONIA comes close to it. Elegant, supremely comfortable accommodation.
The very best of local cuisine, an oasis of cool and quiet in the beautifully tended gardens, unobtrusive service and wonderful warmth of traditional Malawian hospitality, take this undiscovered heaven to a new level of perfection.

At THE LIVINGSTONIA, the only sounds to echo across the pastel perfection of the dawn are the haunting cries of the fish eagles and the rhythmic lapping of the waters of Lake Malawi .

THE LIVINGSTONIA is a secret known only to a fortunate few. Here all the wild beauty of Malawian enfolds you.

In the seclusion that the hotel affords, take your own time to capture the essence of Africa that permeates this idyllic spot.

Paradise is very close at THE LIVINGSTONIA. Here conventional time is forgotten as the rhythms and harmonies of nature lull you into a state of total relaxation, heightening your perfection of the wonders that surround you.

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P.O. Box 11, Salima, MALAWI
Telephone : (+265) 744022 Fax : (+265) 744483 Telex : 44148

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